CoSchedule is a full-function content calendar and social media marketing tool. It saves me hundreds of hours per year. Learn how it can help you.

CoSchedule is a godsend to those seeking to streamline their content strategy and social media marketing campaigns. Many people consider it the gold standard of calendar management solutions.

CoSchedule brings together a fantastic suite of tools that organizes content, assets, marketing, tasks, and teams. With unique features such as ReQueue, Headline Analyzer, Social Message Optimizer, and Email Subject Line Tester, CoSchedule is a home run.

It is scalable to be used by huge corporations.

Yet, it is perfect for bloggers of any experience and businesses of any size.

Churches, podcasters and authors will immediately benefit from it as well.

If you want a reliable and easy-to-use tool to organize your upcoming content and make social media scheduling a breeze, CoSchedule is for you.

CoSchedule is one of my favorite blogging tools. I use it every week.

Here are my four favorite features.

Visual Content Calendar

Content is the lifeblood of every blog and social media plan.

Great content doesn’t just happen. It must be planned in advance.

The visual content calendar in CoSchedule is pleasant to use and highly functional. You can schedule upcoming articles and campaigns and see your past work.

The calendar can be customized to categorize elements with color labels to prioritize or separate projects. Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to use.

Also, you can see all of the upcoming social media posts that you have scheduled.

Social Media Scheduling

This is one of my favorite features of CoSchedule. It saves me hundreds of hours per year.

Writing content is hard. Getting people to see it is harder! This feature helps.

When I upload a new article to the blog, I take about 15 minutes to set up all of its social media posts.

CoSchedule allows me to save campaign types with fillable prompts called Social Helpers. I can schedule 6 months of social media posts in minutes making sure that my content is seen long after I’ve moved on to something new.

It automatically sends my scheduled posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There is an image helper that makes sure the right image is used with each post.

WordPress Integration

Thirty percent of the internet runs on WordPress sites. CoSchedule integrates wonderfully with WordPress.

It is easy to set up your CoSchedule campaigns without going to another site. I love it!


This amazing feature is awesome. It will automatically fill your social media schedule with posts you designate. This allows you to appear to have a powerful social media presence with no day-to-day effort.

There are two types of ReQueue posts. Placeholder Groups will repost the same messages on specific days and times. Think Taco Tuesday or Wednesday Bible Study. Intelligent groups will choose from a list of evergreen content that you designate and fill your schedule keeping your best content in front of your audience.


I appreciate CoSchedule’s commitment to improvement. In the three years that I’ve been using them, they have made huge changes that make my life easier and cement their standing as a leader in this space.

CoSchedule has pricing plans large enough to fit companies with a budget and small enough to help beginners.

Why aren’t you using them?

Learn more about CoSchedule here.