I help Baptist preachers MULTIPLY THEIR INFLUENCE while improving their personal lives.


10x Your Ministry REACH

With A Thriving Online Ministry Using Existing Sermon Content.

Preachers have so much to give, yet are limited by time and opportunity.  Learn how to mulitiply your ministry reach in only a few hours per week with the power of a digital platform.  Repurpose your existing sermons to spread God’s life-changing truth across the world.


10x Your Ministry RESULTS

With Small Changes To Current Efforts That Yield Massive Results.

Preachers spend their lives sacrificing to make a difference.  Though you gladly give, you only have so much time and energy to offer.  Learn how to multiply your results by making your efforts more organized, efficent, and powerful.  10x results are only a handful of small changes away!


10x Your Ministry REJOICING

By Multiplying Your Ministry While Improving Your Personal Life.

Men of God live life on a roller coaster of glorious highs and heart-crushing lows.  Preachers carry a heavy load.  Often, they are misunderstood and lonely.  But they don’t have to live that way!  Learn how to multiply your rejoicing by pleasing God with lasting results, getting more done in less time, and building relationships that matter.

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