This is my favorite writing tool. If you write for work or pleasure, you need this product. It will improve your writing immediately. Try it for free today.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to get stuck in the quicksand of writing.

Consider these common positions that require writing.

  • Pastors write sermons, church bulletins, Sunday School lessons, letters, etc.
  • Teachers write lessons.
  • Preachers write sermons.
  • Students write essays and reports.
  • Professionals write constantly for work.

What if there was a free tool that could improve your writing TODAY?

Let me tell you about my not-so-secret secret weapon. But first, let me tell you my story.

I never wanted to be a writer. I used to HATE writing.

In fact, I had to take the college class “Preacher’s Writing Seminar” three times.

I failed twice. Not because the class was difficult. I failed the class because I wouldn’t do my homework – which was writing. Why? I hated writing.

Little did I know God’s plan for me would be to become a pastor (writing sermons), author (writing books), writer (writing articles), and magazine editor (more writing).

Wow! God has a sense of humor!

Many of you reading this need to write for work or ministry but hate to write. I understand.

Let me encourage you. If you stay at it, you may find that writing becomes a pleasure. I did. You might too.

Some of you love to write, but you are frustrated because you aren’t a great speller or you don’t know all the rules of English.

English is a difficult language. Often, the spelling of words doesn’t match how they sound. The rules of grammar are difficult to master.

Can you keep these things straight?

  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Sentence Fragments
  • Misplaced Modifiers
  • Dangling Participles
  • Vague Pronoun References
  • Wrong Word Usage
  • Run-On Sentences
  • Split Infinitives
  • And don’t forget about all the rules for those pesky commas!

Don’t feel bad if this is overwhelming. Even professional writers get help with proofreading and editing.

If you don’t have time or money to pay for professional help, you can use my secret weapon…


This simple tool will save you tons of work every day. Also, it will protect your credibility as people read your work.

Grammarly knows the rules of English and grammar so you don’t have to. In addition, it teaches you as you use it.

Grammarly is easily accessible. I’m using it right now. (I just misspelled accessible and it showed me how to fix it. Lol.) It doesn’t catch every mistake, but it finds most of them.

With online access, computer plugins, and a stand-alone app, Grammarly is always available to help.

Check out these screenshots.

The Grammarly editor is intuitive and easy to use.
The editor helps with email.

Add-ins help with Facebook and Word as well.

Microsoft Word

Grammarly’s App for Mac works great.

Grammarly Native App

Grammarly is free to use. Try It Here.

I pay for the PREMIUM version with some extra features. It is well worth the price of only $139.95 per year.

The premium version also checks for readability, suggests stronger vocabulary words, checks style, and more.

I wouldn’t want to write without Grammarly. Give the free version a shot today.

If you write a lot or want to take your writing to the next level, go ahead and get the premium version. You will thank me for it!