Innocence is precious.  Protect it from the corruption of sin.


Romans 16:19  “For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil.”

Most people have a general idea of the definition of innocence.  As I looked up the word in Webster’s 1828 dictionary, I was surprised to see that every definition was based on the word freedom.

Innocence is freedom.  What a powerful truth!

An innocent child is free from the cares of this life.  An innocent man is free from crime and guilt.  An innocent Christian is free from the knowledge and experience of sin.

Sin is destructive by nature.  It destroys all it touches.  It imprisons those who indulge in it.  

Eve was innocent until she ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Satan told her the tree would make her wise.  However, God didn’t name it the tree of wisdom.   God called it the tree of knowledge.  Not all knowledge is good.  

At the moment Eve ate of the tree, she was no longer free.  She learned things that separated her from God and shackled her soul.

The verse for today teaches us that God wants us to be wise concerning good and simple concerning evil. You will only accomplish this on purpose.

Satan uses media effectively to make us aware of sin.  TV, movies, songs, billboards, etc. regularly preach and promote wickedness.  Even commercials can “educate” you on things that you didn’t need or want to know.  

Then curiosity of the sin nature kicks in.  What does it feel like to be high on drugs?  What does booze taste like?  How would _______ (fill in the blank with sin) feel?  

Then satan makes you feel like you are missing out on some experience or knowledge that would be beneficial.  The tricks that worked on Adam and Eve so long ago, still work today.

Even committed Christians can begin to believe that they could help more people if they understood more about sin.  Not true!  You can help more people if you know more about righteousness.

Sin enslaves.  Truth sets free.

Every time you indulge in sin, innocence is corrupted.  Something beautiful within you dies with each new transgression of mind or body.  

No matter how far into sin you have gone, you can still turn the tide.  Stop giving in to temptation today and begin your journey to wisdom.  Do everything you can to become wise concerning good. 

Study the Bible.  Learn to Pray.  Master soul winning.  Memorize verses.  Join church ministries.  Be like Jesus.

If you do those things long enough, one day your life of sin will be a distant memory.  You will be a different person.

Innocence is freedom.  Protect your innocence at all costs.  

[callout]“Father, forgive me for yielding to sin. I have lost so much innocence due to my foolishness. The burden of sinful knowledge is heavy. Grant me knowledge, wisdom and understanding in righteousness that I may be simple concerning evil and please thee in all things. Amen.'[/callout]

Today’s Bible Reading:  Romans 16

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