Sin promises happiness but steals joy.  That’s a trade you don’t want to make.


Psalm 51:12  “Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; And uphold me with thy free spirit.”

Joy is gladness from God.  

It is different than happiness.  Happiness is caused by good things happening to you.  Joy is gladness from God regardless of your circumstances.

Have you ever seen a Christian go through a terrible trial who hasn’t lost their sweetness and their smile? That’s joy.  It allows you to live above your circumstances.

The world cannot give joy.  It only comes from God.  It can’t be bought or bartered, but comes through surrendered obedience to God’s will and Word.

The world promises pleasure through sin.  Make no mistake.  Sin is fun for a season, but the season is short, and the consequences are long.  There is only enough pleasure in sin to keep you coming back:  many times in spite of the cost.

How many people do you know that continue doing things that are hurting them and their loved ones?

God can help you break the vicious cycle of sin, pleasure, chastisement, and sorrow.  Joy is the answer!

King David had lived an exceedingly blessed life.  God called him out of obscurity to fame, position, and power.  He had a testimony as a mighty warrior who loved God above all else.  

His exploits were legendary with popular songs written to celebrate them.  Also, he was an accomplished musician who wrote scores of psalms praising God.

King David was accustomed to having joy in His life.  But then He sinned with Bathsheba and all that changed.  He had a night of pleasure but lost his life of joy.  It was not a good trade.

In this Psalm of repentance, David makes it a point to ask for joy to return.  If you’ve ever experienced God’s joy, you won’t want to live without it.

Sin steals joy and replaces it with counterfeit pleasure.  They may look the same at first glance, but they differ wildly on the inside.  There is a terrible crash after sin’s pleasure.  The depths of iniquity are far greater than it’s heights.

Sin, depression, doubt, shame, and regret go hand in hand.

Don’t succumb to temptation.  It’s not worth it to lose the joy of the Lord.

If you have lost your joy, do what David did.  Confess your sin, ask God to forgive you and beg Him to restore your joy.

[callout]“Gracious Lord, I don’t want to live without your joy. Please forgive me of my sin. Help me to see the sin behind the temptation and avoid it. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation. Fill me with thy Holy Spirit and strengthen me to do thy will today with gladness. Amen.’ [/callout]

Today’s Bible Reading:  Psalm 51

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