Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities? Do you feel like you are failing in a vital area? Would you like to finally get control of your schedule and finances? Then it’s time to get your life in order! Be more productive in every area of your life with the Biblical principles shared in this Stewardship Kit.

We are stewards of the gifts and blessings of God. One day we must give an account to our Lord of how we used our resources and opportunities. These Bible lessons will enable you to have the best year of your life and give you the tools to live as a wise steward.

In today’s busy world, you will not be successful by accident.  There have never been more things competing for your time, talent, and treasure.  Responsibilities and distractions are at an all-time high in the digital age.  If you aren’t careful, the things that matter most will not get the attention they need.  Relationships will suffer, and your quality of life will decrease if you don’t live on purpose.

You can order your life in such a way that will enable you to be productive and fulfilled while you accomplish your goals, build meaningful relationships, and make an eternal difference.  But you must decide to live on purpose by Biblical principles if you are to please God and accomplish your purpose.

  • What values do you live by?
  • What are your priorities?
  • When does saying “no” actually mean “yes” to things that honestly matter?
  • How do you create a sustainable schedule built around your most important roles and responsibilities?
  • What four types of giving should you practice regularly?
  • Why is accountability essential to being a good steward?
  • What are the Biblical goals I should set this year?
  • Why should God trust me with wealth?
  • How do I build a stable and structured life?
  • How can I finally conquer my finances with a budget?
  • What is the Bible way to be productive and get things done?
  • Why is consistency one of the most important attributes of success?
  • How do you protect yourself from burnout while helping others?
  • Why is now the time to let God remake your life?
  • How do you overcome when you feel like a failure?
  • What five simple changes can radically change your health?
  • What does your giving reveal about your attitude towards life & God?

Answer these important questions and more as you complete the Set Your Life In Order Stewardship Kit.  It includes over 12 hours of instruction with helpful worksheets.

For years, I have spent every January teaching Biblical principles of Stewardship.  I have combined 17 of the most important lessons with corresponding documents into the SET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER Stewardship Kit. These lessons have been learned through Bible study and life experience.

I have always been a doer.  Many times biting off more than I could chew!  Ten years ago life got even more complicated when my wife almost died.  Since then she has struggled daily with severe, constant pain because of aggressive autoimmune illnesses.  I was a busy pastor and father of 3 young children who not only lost the help of his amazing wife but become a caregiver helping her with daily needs.  I have been asked many times over the years how we survived while taking care of our family and staying in the ministry. I always say, “By God’s Grace!”  His grace absolutely is sufficient!

If I were to go into more detail in my answer, I would have to mention the Bible principles of stewardship that God has taught me over the years.  I am still a work in progress and fail often.  Yet, without these teachings, I would not have survived!

I know these Bible principles work.  They have been used to help many people: not only through public preaching but also through individual counseling.


I have used these principles to:

Give daily care to my wonderful wife while she is bed-bound with severe illnesses.


Rear my three precious children as a single parent during the most trying times of my wife’s illness.


Pastor the incredible people at Curtis Corner Baptist Church since 2004.


Begin the Save New England Church Planting Ministry.


Edit & publish a ministry magazine.


Produce first-class ministry material at


I have not arrived.  I do not present myself as an expert.  I fail often, and I have much to learn.  Nevertheless, God has allowed me to accomplish some good things through difficult circumstances with the principles included in the SET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER Stewardship Kit.  I pray they will be a blessing to you and yours.

The SET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER Stewardship Kit is perfect for:
  • pastors who teach stewardship principles to church members.
  • business owners trying to make the most of their hard work.
  • executives and managers who are overwhelmed with their responsibilities.
  • parents who want more time with their children.
  • deacons who would like to make more time to help the church.
  • believers who would love more time and money for the Lord’s work.
  • families who are trying to make ends meet.
  • young couples who want to build their lives on a strong foundation.
  • anyone who wants to get their life in order.


If you desire to be a better steward and you are ready to take the next step towards ultimate productivity, purchase the downloadable Stewardship Kit today!

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