What if there was a guaranteed way to defeat the devil today?  The Bible tells us how!  You can use these methods today to experience victory in your life.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”   Revelation 12:11

Every Christian is familiar with the great enemy of God and Good.  He is known by many names is Scripture.  One of his most well known names is “The Devil”.  He is not an idea or an influence.  He is a fallen angel who rebelled against God and is bent on destruction.  Billy Sunday once said that he knew there was a devil for the following reasons: 1. The Bible Says there is a devil, 2. He’s done business with him.  The devil is working in your life today to bring you into bondage to sin, distract you from following God, neutralize your eternal effectiveness and destroy your life.  But the Bible tells you how to stop him today.

The Devil is a created being and is no match for God.  Jesus will win the overwhelming victory over satan and his armies with the word of His mouth.  Revelation 19:11-21  However, the Devil is very effective at deceiving humans.  His purpose is to steal, kill and destroy.  He is a liar and the father of lies.  Since he cannot defeat God, he focuses on hurting the people God loves.  Satan will deceive most people into rejecting Christ.  These will suffer the penalty that was meant for the devil himself – an eternity in Hell.  Satan has a different strategy for those who have been saved from hell through faith in Christ and his death, burial and resurrection.  The Devil cannot take believers to Hell, but he can work to make their lives hell on earth.  He seeks to distract christians from their new life in Christ and bog them down in the world neutralizing the effectiveness for eternity.  He has thousands of years of practice, and is very good at His work.
Here are 3 Biblical strategies to defeat the devil today:

1. Plead The Blood of the Lamb

The shed blood of Jesus Christ makes the darkest stains of sin as white as snow.  In the Old Testament Passover, the blood of the lamb was applied to the doorpost to protect those inside the house and the death angel passed over.  As in the Passover, the blood of the Lamb applied to a soul saves from eternal death and hell by cleansing us from sin.  Your unrighteousness is removed and Christ’s righteousness is applied to your account.  What a blessing to be forgiven!  The Blood of the Lamb saves from sin and the devil is defeated in your life for eternity.  You will not suffer for your sin in hell that was created for the devil and his angels.  If you want to learn how to be forgiven click here.
The same blood that saves you eternally, helps you defeat the devil in your life daily.  It cleanses you from the sins of daily life and keeps your connection to your Heavenly Father free of interference. I John 1:9 It gives you the freedom to choose righteousness.  Romans 6:12-18  Do your own Bible study to learn the many gifts that the blood of the Lamb purchased for you.
Plead the blood daily. It is like a nuclear bomb to the devil. He has no defense against it.

2. Speak The Word of Your Testimony

Other than God’s Word, there is nothing as powerful in the hearts of mankind than as a personal testimony of transformation.  Never underestimate the power of your personal story of God’s work in your life.  Tell the story as often as someone will give you an ear.  It brings glory to God and gives God space in their hearts to work.
The Apostle Paul gave his testimony often in the book of Acts.  From crowds to Kings, his testimony was a starting place to tell others of salvation and the goodness of God.
In Acts 4:14, the Pharisees admitted that they could not deny the notable miracle when the lame man was healed.  The most vehement enemies of the cross and the most godless of men cannot deny God’s work of grace in your life.  Tell them what God did and tell them how He did it.  Your word of testimony is powerful!
Do you understand now why the devil works so hard to neutralize your testimony?  He will work to destroy it by tempting you to live in sin like the world around you.  Live daily in such a way that displays God’s work in you to the world.  Know that your actions will bring God glory or blasphemy.  Show the world that Christ gives victory over the eternal penalty of sin and the earthly bondage of sin.  Live the victorious christian life!
Your words should be different than the lost world.  Replace the cussing and complaining that unbelievers speak with the praising and testifying of God’s Goodness.  Never underestimate the power of your words and testimony.  They will defeat the devil today.

3. Love God More than Your Life

You are to love God above all else.  You are to value His Glory above your personal needs and ambitions.  Yes, even above your own existence.  I realize that statement may seem extreme to some.  Welcome to Biblical Christianity.  Read your Bible and learn the words of Christ.  The Heavenly life is the Christ-centered life.
When we put God first it removes the leverage that the devil uses to coerce people to foolishness.  The fear of loss is a powerful motivator.  What are you afraid of losing? Job? Money? House? Family? Friends? Reputation? Pleasure? Time? Opportunity? Freedom? Life? Satan can use those very things to control you.  He can convince you to violate God and His Word to protect these things you hold so dear.  What would you do anything to keep?  This is another point of control.  What is the devil using to convince you to defy God?  What has he used in the past?  Give these things to God today and the devil will have no control over you.
When you lose your life, you actually find it!  Matthew 10:39  Mark When you seek God and His Kingdom first, all these other things will be added to your life.  Matthew 6:33  God is not keeping good things from you.  Your gracious Heavenly Father knows of your needs before you do and will provide what is best for you at the best time.  Trust Him!
You are to love God so much that upon comparison any other love looks like hate.  Your love for God should be beyond comparison to other people or things.  Luke 14:26   When you love God more than your own life, you have taken all the leverage away from the devil.   He is defeated today.

Do this Daily

Even though the final victory over the devil will be won in the future, these 3 strategies will work every time to defeat the devil today. Unfortunately, we are fickle people and our own flesh will betray us.   Salvation is forever.   Living is the Spirit is moment by moment.  Start your day with these 3 concepts.  When you feel the flesh begin to rise during the day, remind yourself of these 3 truths and put them into practice. You can live victorious today!