The False god of Fake Science

The False god of Fake Science

Science is an essential tool to learn about God and His creation. However, the Bible warns against the dangers of fake science. Learn how Satan uses false science to corrupt minds and what to do about it.

Science was my favorite subject in high school. As a newly saved teenager, 1 Timothy 6:20-21 caught my attention.  I thought it was interesting that the Bible talked about science.  I was taught that science and God were completely incompatible.  I soon found out how wrong my teachers were!

Science is the systematic study of the natural world. Today, it is being promoted as so much more. Unbelievers are placing all of their beliefs about the past and hopes for the future in science. Too often, they worship it as a god.

We must stop treating science and scientists as if they are infallible.Only God and His Word can claim the status of infallibility. Click To Tweet

Once you understand that fake science is a false god, you can see how the wicked use it to control people. Don’t allow yourself to be duped.

Science is not the enemy of God. Christians need not be afraid of science.  

Actual science agrees with the Scripture and leads people to a stronger faith in the Creator. Reason based upon actual facts will lead you to God.