Christians are called to uplift Christ, glorify God while being salt and light in the world.  What if there was a quick and simple way you could do all that without any real effort as part of your daily routine? You can on social media.  Here’s how to do it.

Making a difference for Christ may be easier than you think. Use these quick steps on social media to glorify God and uplift Christ with no extra effort!

Social media is a powerful tool.  It gives everyone with a device access to multitudes of people who need Christ.

Check out these statistics about how people are using social media.

According to

  • 97% of digital consumers have used social media in the past month.
  • 84% of people with access to the internet use social media.
  • 50% of the global population is using social media: that’s 3.8 billion people (an increase of 9.2% since 2019)
  • 90% of Americans between 18-29 use social media.

Consider the averages of internet users ages 16-64:

  • 2 hours 24 minutes each day on social media every day.
  • 8.6 social media accounts per user.
You don’t need a huge number of followers to make a difference on social media. Share on X

There is no doubt that people are using social media.

There is an old adage that says, “If you want to catch fish, you must go where the fish are.”

If you want to reach people for Christ, we must spread the Gospel where they are.

When we go soul winning, we look to spread the Gospel where people live or gather.  We knock on doors and go to parks because that’s where people live and play.

While it is not as effective as personal soul winning (nothing can replace that), social media gives us an opportunity to spread the Gospel to people that we will never meet from the comfort of our own homes.

And you can do it with one simple change:  INTERACTION.

Let me explain…

A lot of the people I know are what I affectionately call “Christian stalkers.”  They move silently on social media.  They visit sites and read posts like a stalker in the bushes with no desire to be seen while staying informed.

There is nothing wrong with being present online to keep up with people and organizations that you care about but not engaging with them.  (There is something wrong with sneaking through the bushes to spy on people.)

However, you are missing a HUGE opportunity to impact the world for Christ.


Regardless of the social media platform, the algorithms heavily weigh and prioritize engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

Simply stated, the more people interact with a post, person, or brand, the more the algorithms will expose it to more people.

Sprout social article explains more about algorithms here if you are interested.  

Understand more about how each social media company uses algorithms in this Buffer article.  

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Don’t miss the simplicity of this fact.  If you take a moment to engage with a post that is glorifying to God or uplifting to Christ, you boost its reach to more people.

If all of us took a moment to practice the actions below, it would help spread the Good News of the Gospel and the preaching of God’s Word to countless people.

Here are the five easy actions that make a huge difference.  They work on all platforms.

1. Like

That’s right.  Clicking the like button on a post (less than 1-second investment) will multiply its reach.

2. Subscribe

I know it’s simple, but it works.  Like or friend every good church or preacher’s Facebook page or profile.  Subscribe to every godly YouTube channel.  Follow every godly person or Gospel-preaching Church on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

3. Comment

The algorithms weigh comments and shares even more heavily than likes.  Take a moment to comment.  It need not be lengthy.  A short comment such as “Amen,”  “Yes,” or “Praise God!” is as useful as long comments on most platforms.

Leaving a comment on a blog helps rankings in search engines like Google and Bing as well.

4.  Share

This action helps in two ways.  It makes the Christian post available to your immediate followers and increases the algorithms automated recommendations to others.

5.  Tag

Using someone’s social media username gets noticed by the algorithms as a “mention” boosting the post and the person you mention.  Result?  God gets more glory!

Simply tag them in your post or as you share.

It could look like this when sharing:

“Hey, check out this article from @thepaulechapman.  It’s a blessing!”

PRO TIP:  Choose a username that is easy to remember, easy to type, and available for all social media platforms.  I am “thepaulechapman” on all social media.


That’s it.  You don’t have to be a preacher or have a huge number of followers to make a difference on social media.

Simply use these painless practices on posts glorifying to God, uplifting to Christ, and agreeable with God’s Word.

Like, subscribe, comment, share, and tag.  Who knew serving God could be so easy!

It works whether you have 10 followers/friends or 10,000.

Don’t be a silent stalker.

Let your presence be known online.