This verse teaches a tremendous universal Truth that applies to many areas of life. While typically used to explain stewardship principles, it also shows us a valuable lesson about sin and temptation.


Luke 16:10  “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.”

If you sin in the “little” things, you will sin in the “big” things.

I understand that there are no little sins in God’s eyes. Never forget that the sin that condemned the world to Hell was eating a piece of fruit that God said was off limits. I am speaking of how people commonly think about sin.

Many people believe they can choose when and how to sin but draw a line that they will never cross. That is not the way sin works. Prisons are full of people that used to think that way.

[shareable]Countless people have cried out in shame and disbelief, ‘I can’t believe I did that! I never thought it would go this far!'[/shareable]

Sin deceives you to indulge in it. Slowly, the sin that bothered your conscience in the past now seems acceptable. But the thrill begins to wane, so you take the next step toward a bigger more thrilling sin. The steps may be small, but they all head in the same direction – toward destruction.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I want to be a drug addict when I grow up.” Of course not. Every drug addict started somewhere. Usually with a “small” drug like marijuana. But little sins lead to big sins.

Drunkards start with a single drink. Typically, that first drink is not vodka or whiskey. But little sins lead to big sins.

At the wedding altar, the adulterer wasn’t thinking, “One day I will betray my spouse.” But a lingering glance, a peek at a website, a little fantasy of the mind, and an “innocent” flirt eventually add up. Little sins lead to big sins.

I’ve never met anyone who can’t wait to abuse their loved ones. However, I’ve seen many tragic situations where unchecked anger has done far more than hurt feelings. Little sins lead to big sins.

Have you ever said, “I would never do that.” Don’t you believe it! If you choose to entertain sin, it will take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay. There is nothing that your flesh is not capable of given enough time on the road of wickedness.

Countless people have cried out in shame and disbelief, “I can’t believe I did that! I never thought it would go this far!”
How do you keep that from happening? Just Say NO to sin.

This verse also implies that if you faithfully say NO to the little sins, you will be able to say NO to the big sins.
Stop losing your temper, and you don’t have to worry about an assault or domestic violence charge. Stop holding onto offenses, and you won’t get bitter. You get the idea. You can apply this to every area of your life. Let God’s Word be your guide.

What little sins have you gotten comfortable with? What are you doing today that bothered you in the past?

Start saying NO to the little sins in your life today!

[callout]“Lord, help me to see sin as You do. Protect me from its seductive ways. Empower me to say NO to the ‘little’ sins so I don’t start down the path of destruction. I yield myself to your direction through the Bible and the Holy Spirit. Thank you for loving me in spite of my sin. Amen.'[/callout]


Today’s Bible Reading:  Luke 16:1-10


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