We have a lot to do.  In this “age of productivity,” we are expected to get things done at an incredible rate.  We must find a reliable method to capture tasks and get them done on time.  After years of searching for the right productivity tool, I found Nozbe.

I have tried many systems over the years.  Things, Asana, Trello, Paymo, Producteev, Remember the Milk, Wunderlist, and much more.  If you’ve heard of it, I’ve probably tried it.  I use Evernote as a digital file cabinet but found that it doesn’t work well for tasks.  I use Asana for Church projects but find it lacking for my personal needs.  However, nothing compares to Nozbe for keeping my life in order and helping me get things done.

Nozbe has free and paid options.  You can try the Pro option free for 30 days.  I am enjoying new levels of productivity after years of trying to put up with the deficiencies of free or cheaper products.

[shareable]Choosing a task management system is a big decision. Pick a system and use it faithfully.[/shareable]

1. Simplicity

Nozbe strikes an excellent balance between simplicity and function.  Some tasks managers are too simple providing almost no options for sorting, tagging, next actions, projects, etc.  Other task managers have many options but are confusing and awkward to use.  Nozbe has a simple yet elegant interface with many useful options that are easily accessible.  Projects, contexts, and tags make sorting easy.

2. GTD Methodology

David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” gives a useful philosophy and methodology for getting things off of your mind and getting them done.  If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it.  Nozbe is built to accommodate the GTD philosophy.  Your task management system should work seamlessly with your workflow and methodology.  The use of the inbox, Priority next action list, contexts, projects, etc. in Nozbe is well done.

3. Automatic Priority of Dated Tasks

Task are automatically added to your Priority List on the due date.  This small detail is vital.  I can add a task days, weeks, or months ahead and have it pop up on my daily list long after I have forgotten about it.  I’m surprised that all task managers don’t have this ability.

4. Easy Integrations

Nozbe easily integrates with Google Calendar, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive.  You have access to dates and documents within Nozbe and can add attachments and comments to tasks.

You can easily integrate your team with Nozbe.  The Delegation of projects and tasks with commenting is easy as well.

5. Customer Service

The team at Nozbe is responsive to client needs and requests.  They work to put out consistent upgrades and customer changes.  We have all used programs that were decent but did not continue to evolve.  Others have no customer support.  Working with Nozbe is refreshing!

Choosing a task management system is a big decision.  Don’t spend a lot of time bouncing around from program to program.  Each one has pros and cons with a learning curve.  Pick a system and use it faithfully.  Nozbe fits the bill for me!

What task management tools do you use?