Some people desire to help others, but destroy themselves in the process.  There are four categories of people that have a high risk of self-destruction through service.  Are you or a loved one at risk?

The Undisciplined –

These are they whose life is chaotic. They don’t live by a schedule. They don’t live by a budget. They don’t keep a task list or calendar. Therefore, they overcommit to people and responsibilities. Then, they end up playing catch up running from emergency to emergency. That is a dangerous way to live. Organize your life with a schedule, budget, task list and calendar. You will get more done and feel better doing it.

[shareable]Organize your life with a schedule, budget, task list and calendar. You will get more done and feel better doing it.[/shareable]

The People Pleaser –

These are they that are pushovers. They don’t know how to say no. This unwillingness to displease people relinquishes the control of their lives to others. No matter how much you would like to help someone, you must seek the Lord about your commitments. Living a disciplined life will give you necessary insight to prioritize your life and make firm decisions.
You should be generous with your time and resources. Help everyone that you can. However, don’t allow people to take advantage of you and draw you away from your most important priorities.
You can’t please everyone. You can please God. Focus on Him.

The Ministry Worker –

You were called to serve. You find great joy in helping others sacrificing time, preferences, and money. You agree with the Apostle Paul that you will “very gladly spend and be spent” for people regardless of reciprocation. 2 Corinthians 12:15
Even so, you must be aware of your overall health. People will not do this for you. Needy people will always surround you, and it’s your privilege to help them. Yet, if you don’t take care of yourself, you will not be able to help anyone. Burnout in the ministry is real. Be wise.

[shareable]You can’t please everyone. You can please God. Focus on Him.[/shareable]

The Caregiver –

If you have a loved one that is terminally or chronically ill, you have a situation that requires extra care. Your love will motivate you to pay any price to help them. It is your privilege to care for them, yet it is a huge commitment. Protect your health and spirit so that you can care for them with joy and not make them feel like a burden.  Make extra time to walk with God in prayer and Bible reading.  Have a circle of friends who encourage you.  Find a way to decompress with a hobby or recreation so you can stay happy and helpful.

Do you know of someone who falls into these categories?  Choose to be an encourager and strengthen them today.

These are not the only people that struggle.  Keep an eye out for anyone who may need some extra love and support.

Talk to your pastor or a close friend today if you are struggling.  There is no shame in needing help.  Sometimes life is bigger than all of us, and we need to talk to someone.  I know God is there for you and He can help you.   Even so, sometimes you need to be able to look someone in the eye and hear an audible voice.

Learn how to take help others while protecting yourself here.

Have a blessed day!