CoSchedule Review – Best Content Calendar for Bloggers & Business

CoSchedule is a full-function content calendar and social media marketing tool. It saves me hundreds of hours per year. Learn how it can help you.


CoSchedule is a godsend to those seeking to streamline their content strategy and social media marketing campaigns. Many people consider it the gold standard of calendar management solutions.

CoSchedule brings together a fantastic suite of tools that organizes content, assets, marketing, tasks, and teams. With unique features such as ReQueue, Headline Analyzer, Social Message Optimizer, and Email Subject Line Tester, CoSchedule is a home run.

It is scalable to be used by huge corporations.

Yet, it is perfect for bloggers of any experience and businesses of any size.

Churches, podcasters and authors will immediately benefit from it as well.

If you want a reliable and easy-to-use tool to organize your upcoming content and make social media scheduling a breeze, CoSchedule is for you.


I Love The Old Bible – Christian Poem

This poem reflects the heart of every committed Christian toward the Word of God.

I Love the old bible Poem

This sweet poem was penned by an unknown saint.

Do you love the Bible?


What hope for the trav’ler

When strength’s almost gone?

That makes him determined

To keep pressing on.

What sweet consolation

From Heaven’s white throne.

God’s wonderful Book Divine.


25 Thanksgiving Bible Verses

A Christian’s life should be filled with gratitude. We have so much for which to be thankful. Consider these inspiring thanksgiving Bible verses.

Thanksgiving Bible Verses

Gratitude is a wonderful Christian virtue.

Would you rather be around someone who is negative all the time or someone who is thankful? Thanksgiving is pleasant to the soul. Negativity brings everyone else down.

Our words, prayers, and songs should be filled with thanksgiving to God for His mercy and grace to us.

Giving thanks is a natural response to the recognition of God’s blessings. If you aren’t grateful, it’s probably because you are taking God’s favor for granted.

Thanksgiving is the acknowledgment of God’s goodness in your life.

In the Old Testament system of sacrifices, the thanksgiving offering was not commanded. It was a freewill offering to be volunteered by a thankful heart.

Thanksgiving is the fruit of a thankful heart. Click To Tweet

God expects His people to give thanks, but He prefers it to come from a grateful heart instead of grudging obedience.

Jesus Christ left us an example of thanksgiving. Christian leaders in the Bible practiced the giving of thanks.

Do you have a thankful heart?

Consider these verses.


25 Bible Verses About Anxiety and Worry

Do you struggle with anxiety and worry? You are not alone. These King James Version Bible verses provide the spiritual truths that can deliver you from emotional suffering.


Feelings of anxiety and worry can range from concern to fear to dread.

When anxiety truly takes hold in the mind, it can result in a physical reaction known as a “panic attack.”

Anxiety and worry are real. So is the God Who can deliver you from it! Click To Tweet

While it is natural to have concerns about this life, Christians are called to live their lives by faith.

Worry is a red flag that you are not trusting God in the area of concern.