10 Proven Ways To Increase Sunday School Attendance

Sunday School is an untapped powerhouse of every church.  Jumpstart yours with these proven principles.

A Pastor asked me to give him some ideas about reenergizing a stagnant Sunday School program and increasing its attendance.  What a great question!  As I was meditating on the answer, I sensed that I should write an article about it to help others with the same question.

Also, the article would be a good reminder of the principles we teach to our own Sunday School workers at Curtis Corner Baptist Church.

I believe in the Sunday School ministry.  When done correctly, it will strengthen and invigorate your entire church.  Here are ten proven principles that will supercharge your Sunday School program.

1. Make Sunday School the preeminent ministry.

Sunday School should be the most important ministry in the Church.  It has been used of God like no other ministry since its inception.  It has a unique structure that can still be used to change the world.  A correctly organized Sunday School program will enhance your church in every way.  It will increase the potential of even the smallest church to (more…)

6 Powerful Reasons Sunday School Can Still Change the World

The Sunday School ministry has a long and impressive history.  The importance of the Sunday School cannot be overstated.  In this day when many churches water down the message of the Bible and the depart from the proven methods that build God’s Kingdom, I emphatically state my commitment to the Sunday School ministry as a vital and productive ingredient of a powerful church program.

Sunday School Can Still Change the World

The Sunday School ministry changed the world once.  I believe it can change the world again.  Here are six opportunities provided by Sunday School that make it a uniquely powerful ministry.

1. Education

The Sunday School is a Bible teaching ministry.  In our church, we have three times a week scheduled for pointed and powerful Bible preaching.  Nothing can take the place of preaching.  It is the power of God to them that believe, and God uses it in a special way.  However, there is also a need for Bible teaching.  (more…)