This thought-provoking poem explains that marriage is a miracle of God!

I wrote this poem for a CCBC Valentine Banquet in 2009. Since that time, it has been used in weddings and marriage counseling.

May God use it to encourage your heart today!

The Miracle of Marriage

What makes marriage special?  So many ask today.

Is it lace and garland on the wedding day?

Is it friends and family who gather to enjoy

All the fancy gaiety the day seems to employ?

Is it cake and punch prepared by careful hands?

Is it gourmet lunch the regal day demands?

Is it gay attire donned by all who go,

Or a special smile shared with one you know?

Is it all the money invested in the day,

Or could it be the license the town must give away?

Is it all the tears shed; a mom and dad who cry?

Perhaps it is the presents on gift table piled high?

While all these things are grand and surely have their place,

Where I see God’s hand is a miracle of Grace.

The miracle of marriage is that two become one;

A special act of God that cannot be undone!

Two lives that are so different become so much the same.

Two families come together to share a common name.

Two lives that could go separate ways now as one unite,

And walk into future lit with hope’s bright shining light.

Two hearts, two minds, two wills, two lives into one combine.

A new creation comes alive with promise so sublime.

A lifetime spent together to share life’s ups and downs

And grace giv’n to weather the storms that blow around.

Is it any wonder?  Is it hard to see?

Satan attacks our oneness; destroys our unity.

He tells us that we can’t go on playing this charade.

“You are just too different!  Why play this silly game?”

What you thought was love is gone!  Your feelings begin to swerve.

You fight and yell and scream for rights.  It’s what you now deserve!

You must have been a fool to think this could ever work!

You should have never married this uncompromising jerk.

But when these feelings come and Satan tries to sway.

You must pause to remember that sweet wedding day.

It’s not the lace and garland that make your marriage sweet,

But the promise of your God to make you both complete.

When you said those sacred vows God took you at your word.

For the promise made that special day all of heaven heard.

I took you and you took me ‘till death us part,

And then the God of Heaven operated on the heart.

The miracle of marriage is an act of God above.

For only He can make two souls fit like hand in glove.

The miracle of marriage is that two now are one;

A special act of God that cannot be undone!