Genesis chapter 3 introduces us to temptation.  It reveals Satan’s most effective method of seduction.  Learn these four steps and protect yourself from them.


Genesis 3:4  “And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:”

1.  Approach

Satan subtly approached Eve.  He was cunning, sly, masking his true intentions.  The tempter doesn’t approach you in truth saying, “I’m the devil.  I’m here to destroy you.”  On the contrary, he often presents himself as a peer, a guide, or a friend.

He gains your trust by convincing you he understands who you are and how you feel.  It is all a charade to gain entrance into your life.

[shareable]Temptation is the devil prompting you to do what your sinful nature craves. Just say NO.[/shareable]

The devil uses surrogates to get close to his victims.  In Genesis 3, it was the beautiful serpent.  It may be a person, a place, or a thing.  If you are constantly yielding to temptation, you probably have a satanic surrogate in your life.  What is it?  Who is it?

2.  Appeal

Satan brought up the tree when talking to Eve.  I believe she had thought about that tree many times.  What would it taste like?  How can it be wrong if it’s so beautiful?  Why can’t they eat of it?  What knowledge does it contain?

The devil appeals to the lust within you.  He reminds you of what you want, but don’t have.  As an accomplished salesman, he points out all the “wonderful” benefits of sin while not discussing the disastrous consequences.

Yielding to temptation is not when you do what the devil wants.  It is the devil getting you to do what your sinful nature craves already.

3.  Attack

The Tempter knew that Eve would not eat of the tree because of God’s command.  So he weakened her faith in God’s Word through three simple steps:

    1.  He questioned God’s Word.  “Yea, hath God said…?”

    2.  He contradicted God’s Word.  “Ye shall not surely die.”

    3.  He counterfeited God Word.  “…Ye shall be as gods…”

He uses the same method today.  People are still falling for it after all these centuries.  Don’t be another victim. 

God’s Word is your protection against sin and Satan.  Read it.  Believe it.  Memorize it.  Study it.  Obey it.

4.  Accuse

After the sin, accusations begin to fly.  Whose fault was it, Adam?  It was Eve’s fault.  Whose fault was it, Eve?  It was the serpent’s fault.  Sinners always look for someone to blame.  Stop the blame game and take responsibility for your sin.  Quit blaming your parents, your past, your situation, your friends, etc.  Confess it and forsake it.

There is one more accusation not mentioned in Genesis 3.  The Bible teaches that Satan is the accuser.  How many times did satan remind Eve of her sin after it was done?  Probably as many times as he does you.  

He will work so hard to get you to sin and then beat you up with it as long as you let him.  Just say NO to temptation.

[callout]“Heavenly Father, thank You for revealing the Enemy’s tactics in your Holy Word. Forgive me for falling for them so many times. Break the cycle of lust and sin in my life. Deliver me from temptation. Help me to keep my eyes on You and fulfill Your will in my life today. Amen.’ [/callout]

Today’s Bible Reading:  Genesis 3

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