You become a Christian by believing in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You become a Baptist by believing the rest of Bible. Here are three reasons I’m glad to be a Baptist.

1. Baptists were never part of the Roman Catholic church.

There’s been a lot of talk about the Reformation lately. I’m glad that men stood up against the doctrinal and moral corruption of the Roman Catholic church. Many groups came out from among the Catholic church and eventually become Christian denominations. I’m for anyone who believes and proclaims the saving power of faith in Christ alone. However, every denomination that left the Catholic church also retained some of its false teaching and unscriptural philosophy. Baptistic believers have never been part of the Catholic church. We are not “Protestants.” We did not come out of the Catholic church. There have been believers holding to the Baptist Distinctives since the time of Christ that has run parallel to every other Christian group. They have been called by many different names throughout history, but their fundamental beliefs have been very similar.

Catholic History teaches that Christ started their church making the Apostle Peter the first Pope. This is provably false. The Roman Catholic church began around 313 AD with Emperor Constantine. While embracing parts of Christianity and not relenting his paganism, he effectively “Christianized” paganism and “Paganized” Christianity. Unbiblical doctrines such as infant baptism, the papacy, praying to saints, Mariolatry, the sacraments, confessing sins to a priest, church tradition, papal authority, purgatory, indulgences, etc. found their way into Roman Catholic dogma.

[shareable]You become a Christian by believing in Jesus Christ. You become a Baptist by believing the rest of Bible.[/shareable]

The Catholic church ruthlessly persecuted believers that would not join them in their unbiblical beliefs and practices. In fact, the name “anabaptist” was given as a derogatory name for believers who “re-baptized” those who came to faith in Christ even though they were baptized as babies. Countless Baptists were tortured and martyred for their faith.

2. Baptists have never persecuted other believers.

Persecution has always been a hallmark of denominationalism. When I talk about being a Baptist, I don’t mean being part of a Baptist denomination. Denominations are man’s attempt at unity. Eventually, all denominations corrupt their original intent. The Northern Baptist Convention is basically dead. There has been a battle between Bible believers and spiritual liberals in the Southern Baptist Convention for generations. I’m glad to be an Independent Baptist. When I talk about Baptists, I’m talking about Christians that hold to the Baptist Distinctives.

Baptist people have always been persecuted. The Roman Catholic Church persecuted people that did not agree with them. When Protestants came out it, they retained the proclivity to persecution. Martin Luther and the Lutherans persecuted Anabaptists. Calvinists, Congregationalists, Methodists, and Anglicans all persecuted Baptists.

Baptists have always believed in liberty. We want the freedom to worship God according to our conscience and God’s Word. We extend that privilege to others.

3. Baptists will never part with the Bible.

God’s Word is our sole authority for faith and practice. No Scripture is of any private interpretation. Rightly dividing the Bible always leads to the same conclusions of fundamental doctrine.

Since the Garden of Eden, satan has been questioning God’s Word. The evil effects of “higher criticism” are still evident in main-stream Christianity today. You don’t need a priest to tell you what the Bible says. You don’t need a seminary degree to unlock the wisdom of God’s Word. All you need is a surrendered heart and the Holy Ghost to guide you. God says what He means and means what He says. If a Scripture is unclear, search the topic in the rest of the Bible. The Bible defines itself.

A true believer will never abandon the Bible, but what if they are deceived into trading God’s Word for a counterfeit? There has been a concerted effort in the last 100 years to water down the Scripture. Many inferior Bible versions have been produced. If satan can’t get you to question the Scripture, he will try to give you a corrupted version of it. Stick with the King James Bible. It is the inspired and preserved Word of God.

When it comes to salvation, the only thing that matters is your saving faith in Jesus Christ. However, when it comes to Christian growth and training, it matters what church you attend. Many believers are wasting away in churches (even Baptist) that are hindering their Christian growth and effectiveness. Satan can’t take away your salvation, but he can take away your testimony and paralyze your ministry. Don’t let him. Not all Baptist Churches are equal. Join a Bible-preaching, soulwinning, and separated Baptist Church and get busy for God this week.

There are many reasons I’m glad to be a Baptist. I’ve only given three of them here. Share one of yours below.