4 Simple Tips for a Great Time at Christian Camp

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Summer is here!  Christian Camps, Conferences, Revivals, and Trips are in full swing.  For countless people, these activities have been a proven way to make great memories and life-changing decisions.  Follow these simple tips for a great time you will remember for the rest of your life.

Be Happy.

Bring a good time with you. “Bored” is a state of mind. You won’t have access to your usual distractions (TV, phone, game system, etc.). Plan to enjoy nature and the company of others at camp. You will not be entertained, but you can have a very good time and make memories. Don’t expect to be a loner. Plan to be a part of the group and have fun.

Be Humble.

Have a group mentality. Every person has a unique personality and every family functions differently. On Church trips, people must operate as a team. Realize that the group will not revolve around your needs and wants. The group leader will make decisions based on the best outcome for everyone involved. If you have a need or an idea, share it respectfully. Decide now to comply happily with the decisions made. One selfish person can adversely affect everyone. Look out for one another.

Be Helpful.

In a large group, there are many differences among individuals, but we gather in the name of Christ. Who unites us is far greater than what divides us. There is no place for bickering, name-calling, arguing, gossiping, or strife. Help everyone feel included and involved.
Quickly move to participate when called upon. Follow directions happily and promptly. A sour attitude is a sure way to receive rebuke.
Get on the same page with the group leader by understanding what he wants to accomplish and how he intends to go about it. Work with him to be helpful. See what is coming next and anticipate how you can be a blessing. Mature teens can make a trip go much more smoothly.

Be Holy.

Have a fun time. Have a spiritual time. There is no greater fun than time spent with Christian friends making memories without the regret and guilt of sin. There will be many hours of fun activities and many services of worship and preaching. Regardless of your spiritual temperature right now, plan to comply with all the expectations and rules. Pay particular attention of what to bring and not to bring to camp. Ask God to speak to your heart during the sermons. Plan to bring home at least one decision that will impact you for the rest of your life!

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