People are drawn to activity.  Make sure your church is a good testimony to the community.  Outdoor projects are a lasting advertisement for your church.  Here are 10 easy ideas.

A seasoned pastor told me a few years ago to complete an outside project at church at least once a year.  The positive changes create interest in the community and excitement among the church members.  Activity is a sign of life.  Dead things don’t move.  Make sure your community knows that your church is alive and well.

Make sure to plan a Spring Cleaning work day on your annual calendar.  At Curtis Corner Baptist Church, we schedule this the week before Easter Sunday. Encourage the members to expect guests at church during your Spring Program.  People understand that you usually clean up when guests are coming over to the house.  The same should be true for God’s House.

Improvements don’t have to cost a lot of money.  Clean is free.  Paint is cheap.  Plan some activity at your church according to your budget.  Let your community know that your church is alive!

Here are 10 easy projects for your church:

  1. Powerwash the buildings.
  2. Plant some flowers or shrubs.
  3. Place new mulch.
  4. Fertilize the lawn.
  5. Update the church sign.
  6. Seal and/or restripe the Parking Lot.
  7. Place some flower pots with a mix of green and flowering plants.
  8. Give wood (trim, fences, etc.) a fresh coat of paint.
  9. Create an outdoor sitting area.
  10. Wax church vehicles.

Do you have an idea?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.