The Lord gave me this poem around Christmas a few years ago. I have thought of it often, but have never shared it until today. I pray that it brings joy to your heart and praise to God.

Christmas Grace

O the chasm That grace did span

when our great God became a man!

Angels did herald the glorious birth

That gave my soul salvation’s mirth.

True joy and peace dwelt within

that little baby’s holy skin.

The child t’was born that fateful day

Still shows the world the truth, the way

To all who’ll hear the Spirit’s voice

drawing them to the Father’s Choice

And if today with heart believe

God’s greatest gift you shall receive

And have when your life’s race is run

Eternal life through Christ God’s Son.

~Paul Chapman


[shareable]Merry Christmas! May we never lose the awe of Christ’s miraculous virgin birth![/shareable]