One privilege of pastoring is performing weddings.  I love being on the platform so close to the action as God unites  a man and woman for life.  I get to feel the nervousness of the groom as he awaits his bride.  I get to hear him catch his breath as he sees her for the first time in her wedding dress.  I am privileged to see the expressions on the faces and the emotions in the voices as they say their vows.  I watch their trembling hands gently place the wedding ring on their new spouse.  Yes, it is a privilege.  Every wedding makes me appreciate my wife more and reminds me how precious is my own marriage. Here are some thoughts I gave to a young couple at a recent wedding that are good reminders to us all.

The first miracle that our Lord Jesus performed was at the wedding of Cana.  The Lord puts His stamp of approval on marriage in Scripture.  Consider Matthew 19:4-6.

“And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?  Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh.  What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

Marriage is the most intimate of human relationships.  It is not simply a legal contract, but also spiritual union in which God works a miracle making 2 separate lives become one. God created, defined and ordained marriage to be a holy union and life-long commitment between Husband and Wife.  This is a relationship so spiritual and so sacred that is to be ended only in death.  It is our privilege to be witnesses of this wedding ceremony.

[shareable]God created marriage and He alone has the wisdom to help you succeed at it. [/shareable]

Marriage is a spiritual union.  It must be built upon Christ to reach its potential.  So many people have given up on marriage today as antiquated and out dated.  Others see it as a failed institution.  I remind you that marriage does not fail people.  People fail marriage;  usually because one or both reject God’s design for it.  God created marriage and He alone has the wisdom to help you succeed at it.  Your success in this marriage depends directly on your willingness to submit to God and His leadership.  I believe you will.

As we approach the vows, understand that you are pledging your lives and hearts to one another in the presence of God and these witnesses.  God is listening and He takes you at your word.  These vows are very serious and binding to your soul.  There are no refunds or returns!

Today, you vow to stay together during the best and worst of life.  However, there is no way you can know the best or worst that life will bring you in the future.  As you pledge these vows, you must see past your spouse and place your faith firmly in God.  People will disappoint you.  You will disappoint each other.  You will face difficulties and trials that have the power to break you if you trust your own strength.  But God will see you through!  He is bigger than any giant you will face.  He promises divine protection to your marriage as you follow Him.

The rings you will give to one another should be a constant reminder of this day and these vows.

  • These rings are an unbroken circle symbolizing eternal love.
  • They are made of precious metals reminding you of the value your relationship.
  • They are durable.  The nicks and scratches they will collect over the years reminds you that your love can endure the tough times.
  • They are precious. This symbolizing the precious memories you will collect during a lifetime together.

Marriage is a ministry.  Don’t go into it expecting to get, but expecting to give.  Look for one another’s needs and delight to fulfill them.  Find your satisfaction in BEING a good spouse, not only HAVING good spouse.

Do things together.  Love together.  Worship Together.  Pray together.  Read together.  Serve God together.  Work together.  Eat together.  Sleep together.  Enjoy life together.  Today, God makes you one spiritually.  The world will do all it can to tear you apart.  Decide today that life’s trials will be a cord to bind you together and not a wedge to force you apart.   Today, God performs a miracle in that He takes two separate souls and lives and makes them one.  From this day forward, seek to become more one and less two.

[shareable]You will face trials that have the power to break you if you trust your own strength. But God will see you through![/shareable]

Marriage is a partnership with the Bible as its guidebook.  As God’s children, your marriage is strengthened by obedience to your Heavenly Father and His Word.  Your marriage will succeed as you yield to God daily and allow His love to be the unbreakable bond between you.  As you let God be in control of your marriage, He will cause your home to be a place of joy, love, peace and a testimony to the world.