I visited Chicago with my son a few days ago. It has been awhile since I have been back to the Windy City.

I spent 7 years ministering in Jesus’ Name in different parts of Chicago. I learned a lot about myself and the ministry on those long weekends. The Lord reminded me many truths as I took this trip down memory lane. I’ll share 2 of them with you here. Hopefully they will be an encouragement to you.

It is an unspeakable privilege to serve the Lord.

I was not worthy to serve God when He saved me. I am not worthy to serve God today after 20 years of ministry. I am only a sinner saved by grace! I should be in Hell, but God loves me and Jesus died on the cross to save me! He didn’t save us to be slaves, but sons! He asks us to partner with Him in His work when He would get more glory if He just did the work Himself. Never lose sight of the fact that it is an unspeakable privilege to do the smallest task in the name of Jesus. Don’t serve God for the praise of men. Serve God because He is worthy!

God’s Blessings are Showered Upon His Children.

This week I drove the same streets I have hundreds of times before. The streets are the same, but my life is very different. Back then I was a young preacher trying to make his way through Bible college wondering if I would ever have a family or how God would use me. Today, my son rides next to me. I have an awesome wife and 2 wonderful daughters at home. I am the pastor of an amazing group of people at Curtis Corner Baptist Church. Yes, the road has been rough at times, but God’s grace and goodness has never wavered. I am a truly blessed man.
Stop counting your crosses and start counting your blessings!  You will find many because God is always good.

Share something that God has taught you or reminded you of recently in the comments section.  Pass on the blessings.