Mother’s day is a wonderful time to show your love and appreciation to the mother of your children.  I am so thankful for, Sarah, my beautiful wife and the mother of my 3 children.

Bringing children into this world is a huge responsibility.  God is using your genetic material to create a new being and then trusting you to rear this new person to maturity.  You will always be attached to this precious new life.  However, you are only half of the equation.  Your spouse will provide the other half of the formula and you will be forever connected by the new life you brought into the world together.  Choose wisely and reap the life-long benefits.  Choose poorly and you will endure the consequences for life.

Before I was married, I was keenly aware that my future spouse would also be the mother of my children.  As I considered a christian girl, I looked for signs of the kind of mother she would be.  Was she godly, kind, sweet, smart, pretty?  How did she treat her parents?  How did she interact with children?  Did she have a sweetness that is born in holiness and walking with God or was it a superficial sweetness that quickly fades under pressure.  I’m thankful that my wife truly fears the Lord and walks with Him daily.  Our entire family reaps the rewards of her faithfulness daily.  Thank you, Sarah!

So on this Mother’s Day remember to confess your gratitude to the mother of your children.  Do it openly and fervently.  Let the world know you are thankful for the Mother of Your Children!

If you are not yet married, remember that the person you choose to will also be the mother of your children.  Choose wisely!