This poem was written for my beautiful wife Sarah on Mother’s Day 2012.  She is a gift from God to me and our children!

The Mother of My Children

The mother of my children is a gift from God above.
I’ve never been so proud, of a mother’s special love.

She passed through jaws of death, to give them precious life.
That act of love set the pace, for a life of sacrifice.

She is the one that teaches – to read, to write, to love,
to sing, to work, to laugh; to walk with God above.

I’ve seen her help our children, learn to walk life’s road,
while never to them complaining, about her heavy load.

This is the highest calling, a woman can receive,
to be a wife and mother, and to her husband cleave.

So thank you to my sweetheart, for offering to be
the mother of my children and the better half of me.

-Paul Chapman 5-13-12