“Will You Go With Me?” Christian Poem

The Lord gave me this poem as I was meditating on the condition of the unbelieving world and our responsibility to reach them with the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I pray it will minister to your heart.


Multitudes lost and hopeless,

I can hear their cry.

Though their lives be godless,

I can’t just let them die.


I must take the Gospel

Whate’er the cost might be.

Will you sit there idle

Or come and go with me?


Neighbors, friends, and fam’ly

Outside these walls today

Must to Jesus bow the knee

Or for their sins they’ll pay.


Each heartbeat draws them closer

To horrifying Hell.

Could any sin be grosser

Than not of Jesus tell?


Multitudes lost and hopeless,

Can you hear their cry?

Though their lives be godless,

Will you just let them die?


We must take the Gospel

Whate’er the cost might be.

Please don’t sit there idle

But come and go with me!




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