If you don't learn how to defeat temptation, you will be a slave to sin and suffering your entire life.

This book will equip and empower you with truths from God's Word that will enable you to SAY NO to temptation.

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This easy-to-read book is 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches with 110 perfect bound pages.

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Why Buy This Devotional book?

This powerful book will help you bring glory to God.

Organized as a forty-day devotional, this book provides daily inspiration to walk with God and say NO to sin. Each day includes a Scripture verse, a liberating Bible teaching, a recommended prayer, and suggested Bible passage for personal devotions. This proven organizational method creates a powerful tool for pastors, preachers, parents, and laymen to help people overcome sin and temptation.


God's sanctifying work begins as soon as a sinner is born again. This new creature must learn to break the sinful habits of a lifetime. Every new Christian has attitudes and actions that need to be addressed as God works in their lives. This easy-to-read book the believer Scriptural knowledge and successful tools to accelerate their victory over the sins that have enslaved them.

Christian Growth

Many Christians struggle to overcome the sins that so easy beset them. How many years have they struggled to defeat the sins to which their flesh is addicted? This simple book delivers a daily MED (Minimum Effective Dose) of Bible truth empowering them to surrender to God like never before. This book is useful in personal study and a potent tool for pastors and counselors.

Personal Gift

Do you know of someone struggling with sin? Would you like to help a new Christian start right? Looking for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one? Give them something that will matter for eternity. In addition to Scriptural truths for believers, this book includes a compelling presentation of the Gospel that will make the most skeptical sinner think about his soul.  

About The Author

Here to help you...

Paul E Chapman loves to help committed Christians reach their potential, fulfill God’s will, and change their world. His mission is to give you the clarity, courage, and tools you need to stop all the frenzy and start living in God’s power.

Since 1996 God has allowed Pastor Chapman to encourage thousands of people through preaching and personal ministry. He has been the Pastor of Curtis Corner Baptist Church in Wakefield, Rhode Island since 2004. Among other endeavors, he is an author who writes weekly at and publishes helpful resources at