4 Categories of Servants at High Risk of Self-Destruction

Are You At Risk?

Some people desire to help others, but destroy themselves in the process.  There are four categories of people that have a high risk of self-destruction through service.  Are you or a loved one at risk?

The Undisciplined –

These are they whose life is chaotic. They don’t live by a schedule. They don’t live by a budget. They don’t keep a task list or calendar. Therefore, they overcommit to people and responsibilities. Then, they end up playing catch up running from emergency to emergency. That is a dangerous way to live. (more…)

Update from our Mayo Clinic trip

mayo-clinic-frontWe made it safely back from the Mayo Clinic this past Wednesday, September 3. My wife and I want to thank each of you who prayed for our family. The Lord really answered prayers.  Although there is no way to convey all that God did for us on this trip, the following are a few things we would like to share with you.

When we made the appointment, the Clinic told us to expect to be there from 3 to 10 days. Many people are done in 3 days and most are done in 5 days. During our first appointment the doctor realized what we already knew – that Sarah’s situation was very complicated and if we wanted to get some real answers it would take longer than they first thought.  We decided that we would just take it day by day and see what the Lord would do.  As the days passed, it became clear that we needed to be there longer.  Although we could have stayed longer with doctors wanting to schedule more appointments, we decided to leave after three weeks.  We felt that most of the important appointments were done and that the other appointments could be done in Rhode Island.  We needed to come home.

Each day brought new tests and doctor appointments.  (more…)